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How it works

Simplified, easy, accessible. 

Choose from our seasonal, monthly and permanent collections to discover wines that will perfectly fit any situation. Then browse the different tastes to find the wine that best suits you and the moment! Uncover wines you would never have originally picked, regions you are yet to explore and wineries whose personalities you will fall in love with.

Wineway strips back the complications, assumptions and mystery of buying wines. Allowing more exploration, confidence and intelligence. Here you can learn about wines, varieties and wineries through what you already know!

Wineway is your taste combined with,
where you are,
with what you want,
and with who you want,
to enjoy the wine.

Awards, gold medals and trophies.

While they are pretty and can hold some value to you as a buyer... they often tell you very little about if you will like a wine or not! A gold star, trophy winning chardonnay may have won the hearts of the judges but if you don't like the taste... they mean very little. 
Of course, they have their place and are often impressive to win, at Wineway they are an added decoration rather than how we base our selections. Here, you lead the way, you choose which wines are worthy of your glass. You are the judge.

From the Founder

Wineway Solutions was created to solve the struggle we ran into ourselves and watched countless numbers of people run into too. I worked in multiple wineries around Marlborough from the vineyards, to wineries, to restaurants to trade shows.

As I worked behind the counter of multiple Cellar Door tastings, when I posed the question - "What kind of wines do you like?" I would always receive an answer along the lines of - "I don't know, something fruity but not too sweet." Rarely did someone answer with - "I like a particular variety, from a particular year, from a particular winemaker." That's because wines are constantly changing and so are our taste buds. 

This is where we saw an opportunity. The world of wine can be overwhelming, there are just SO many different types. If we can ease your wine anxiety a little - that's our goal! Rather than buying the same old bottle every week because it's "a safe choice" let us take the reins and show you wines you're going to LOVE. Select what scenario you'd like the wines for, select what kind of flavors you like and Voila! You just became a wino (or at least your friends will think you are).

Our aim is to make wines simple, help you select the perfect wines and confidently explore new styles/varieties. 


"Chin Chin, Proost, Cheers, Sante!" 








Katie - Co-Founder of Wineway